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Officer Ray Does NOT Approve (Of Delay and Lack of MP)

By MrJenssen20-04-2014

If you were one of the many bummed out by Trials Fusion's delay on the PC, you were also probably double-bummed when you found out that the game's multiplayer is currently local-only until the devs release the online portion some months after the game's final release.

Well, I wish I could tell you that the video above is going to mend the wounds inflicted upon you. I wish I could say that the video above is so golden that all is forgiven. I wish. Officer Ray does not approve of the neck-breaking stunts you can do in Trials Fusion. Had he been a real person, I don't think he'd approve of the arbitrary delay of the PC version either.

Trials Fusion is set to release on April 24 worldwide, with a season pass already available for purchase. No specific date has been set for the online multiplayer, but developer RedLynx have hinted at it coming within a few months after the game is out.


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