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Oculus VR Receives $75M Investment

By NAG3LT16-12-2013

The future looks very bright for the Oculus VR, at least financially. In a Series B investment round, the company have received 75 million USD, mostly from the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital firm. It is a large investment, especially compared to the previous Series A round, which brought 16 million USD to the company, and Kickstarter campaign which provided a further 2.4 million USD.  Oculus VR expect to use this investment for R&D expansion, as well as preparing for the mass manufacturing and distribution of their virtual reality headset. In an interview to the Verge, company CEO Brendan Iribe said:

"We always knew we needed a B round to get to the consumer market at volume. We didn't know the scale we needed for V1 until recently."

With these statements, it seems that the first consumer version of Oculus Rift is not far behind the horizon.

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