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Oculus Rift Devkit Production Delays

By NAG3LT24-02-2014

While the consumer version of the Oculus Rift VR headset is set for some future date, people who want to get the device now can order a developer kit. While it is far from finished at the moment, the immersive experience it provides attracts a lot of people. Unfortunately, some of the components needed for the device are no longer manufactured and the production of Rift devkits has paused.

While the developers try to find new suppliers, they will have to stop shipping the devkits after current stock runs out. They reserve some units for the RMA's, so if your devkit stops working, the replacement should not take any longer than usual. Oculus VR team has said that the popularity of the device has exceeded their expectations and that they prefer shortages to the lack of demand.

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