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Oculus Rift Comes to UE 4

By Mokman10-06-2013

Those who have read the news posts written by me know that I have quite the interest in Oculus Rift, if you would define interest as pretty much worshipping it at the altar. To me, Oculus Rift is pretty much the next step in the gaming industry, the kick in the butt it needs. And now, the time for the change is growing nearer and nearer, as more visionaries accept the coming revolution.

Revolutionary rhetoric aside, the gist of this is that Epic has added Oculus Rift support to Unreal Engine 4, as announced on Engadget. Noting the vast number of games that would eventually utilize this engine, this then spells a huge win for the fans of both technologies - the possibilities are expanding more and more. With Epic's support of the technology, game developers would find it much easier to integrate Oculus Rift into the games they make - watch out people. The future is coming.

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