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Oculu Sues Oculus VR over Trademark

By NAG3LT15-02-2014

While laws are needed for society, some of the current ones have a lot of bad parts like copyright. Patent and trademark laws are more reasonable, but still lead to many absurd lawsuits, especially in USA. The latest case comes from the video streaming company Oculu, which claims that Oculus VR infringes on their trademark filled in 2010. ArsTechnica mentions that lawsuit contains the following statement:

“Unfortunately, [Oculus co-founder Palmer] Luckey, decided that he would simply add an ‘s’ to Oculu’s registered trademark and call his product and online video distribution network, Oculus. It could have adopted any number of trademarks.”

Trademarks cover only specific uses, in case of Oculu – streaming of audio and video material by means of the Internet. However, Oculu claims that streaming video to the Oculus Rift is also in the plans and that would infringe their trademark. While the trademark laws require the company to protect their trademarks or they risk losing them, Oculu’s claims are firmly in the absurd territory. As “Oculus” means eye in Latin, variations of the word are in the names of many companies and products specialising in the visual tasks. Unless Oculus VR starts their own video streaming service, they are unlikely to be convicted of trademark infringement, so hopefully this case will just remain a matter of some laughs.

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