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Obsidian Wants Eternity to be a Franchise

By breadbitten08-07-2013

Obsidian's is currently hoping that its Kickstarter super success Project Eternity can eventually be a long-running franchise for the company. It's safe to assume that the game world will have some reasonably in-depth lore if the game's tentative name is anything to go by. Talking to Eurogamer, creative director Chris Avellone said, "if the first game does well enough and generates enough profit beyond the backer amounts we got," and that any follow-up would cost about the same amount Project Eternity netted (which is $3,986,929), but even if that follow-up was never to happen plans for an expansion pack for the upcoming game are already in motion.

Interestingly, when asked about the possibility of Project Eternity making an appearance on consoles Mr. Avellone said, "Our goal was just to make a PC-focused, much more keyboard-driven – something that's a bit more, for want of a better word, old-school." While it doesn't necessarily close the lid on Eternity eventually being developed for consoles, it does hint that the game may have to undergo some major changes to make it wedge in those strange boxes that reside under our television.

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