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Obsidian Teases ‘Project X’

By StuntmanLT12-09-2012

“I recognize your pain. Your kind must learn it comes from straining against the turning of the world. It spins thus. you cannot stop it. One day, you will wake up. You will stop pulling. The pain will be gone. Until then, all your waking hours are suffering.”

That’s currently all that the Obsidian games website currently displays, along with an Ouroboros symbol surrounding a number that has continually counted down since Monday, revealing another vague quote each day. Clicking it sends to the “Project X Speculation Forums”, where users are free to speculate on what exactly Obsidian Entertainment are up to.

Speculators have argued that it could be anything from Dungeon Siege 4, to new entries to the Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate series, or Defiance, an action RPG set in a world where evil forces have consumed the world.

No theories currently seem more plausible than the others, however if the teaser is indeed a countdown, we should be up for a reveal this Friday.

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