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Obsidian - Marching on with Eternity

By elethio25-08-2015

Obsidian, the company already of guilty of creating the genre restoring kickstarted game Pillars of Eternity, are continuing their heretical actions by releasing the story and game extending DLC - The White March Part 1.

Obsidian a company that has long history making RPG’s while working for AAA publishers, actually branched out on its own with a kickstarter in 2012, in order to resurrect the classic style of party based adventure RPG’s. This atrocious behaviour flies in the face of all things decent, by actually relying on the customers for funding instead of the major corporations who own... uh... built the industry. Then to pile insult on to injury the same customers who backed the project claimed it to be a great success, and if that’s not a conflict of interest then I don’t know what is!

Now this latest travesty only shows that Obsidian are set on a path to their own destruction, instead of giving up on a genre that the industry giants declared dead years ago, and instead of cashing in as best they can, they have only gone and spent more time giving their customers more gameplay in the first of what looks to be a series of story and gameplay extending extras

There is only two ways that Obsidian can redeem themselves now, and that's to end the story midway through at episode two, keeping the backers yearning indefinitely as a punishment for their temerity. Or to release an expensive sequel with exactly half the mechanics of the first game and relying on a perpetual online world with server that will end in 18 months.

Obsidian - how NOT to do role play.

Editors note: the above is sarcasm, we actually really really like Obsidian.

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Posts: 120

Your first suggestion might work, but not the second. Who do you think they are, Bioware? The last thing they'll want to do in this age of decadence is relive their glory days under Bioware's and Bethesda's shadows with half the budget and timeline.

Posts: 35

To Ed, first off Ed who, do you have a second name?

Secondly, this was also a play on words because I was role playing and I shouldn't of been.

But never mind its not funny if you have to explain it.....