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Obsidian is Making a Tank Game

By CameronW21-03-2014

I’m going to make it through this entire article without bringing up World of Tanks. Normally I wouldn’t make that clear as I do that with almost every article, but this one is about Obsidian Entertainment’s new free-to-play multiplayer tank game called Armored Warfare. You see where I’m coming from now, huh?

Yep! Obsidian, those guys (and gals) that made Fallout: New Vegas and the totally awesome new South Park game are making a tank game about shooting other tanks. Well, that’s not exactly confirmed, actually. It could be possible that Obsidian is just offering support and office space for outside developers to work on the game under their supervision just like Skyforge,but there’s also this Armored Warfare reveal trailer that says “Obsidian Entertainment” right at the beginning of it.

Who knows? Maybe this could be the World of Warcraft of tank games...World of Tanks or something.


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