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Obscure Title is Obscure no More

By Bobfish10-07-2013

After the announcement of a quasi sequel to the cult classic Obscure games earlier this year, there were head scratchings all around. How did a tense, teen slasher flick horror...thing, turn into a Contraesque shoot the shit out of everything that moves? In an effort to clear the obscurity regarding this obscure turn of events, Mighty Rocket have thus opted to rename the game Final Exam. A statement from studio director François Potentier brings light to this enduring mystery...that last a couple of months.

"When we read the first comments following the announcement of our new game, we understood that our fans expected a different content from a game entitled 'Obscure. We understand fans all the better because we are first and foremost passionate gamers! Thus, even if the game makes a great number of references to Obscure and Obscure 2, we thought it important to rename it. At the end of the day, it's a question of honesty and respect to the gamers. 'Final Exam' does befit the game accurately. Final Exam is the first corner stone of our new studio, and we hope this title will enable us to grow, as we have not given up on the idea of developing a real sequel to Obscure."

I agree it was a curious choice to shift the tone so violently from the established formula. Frankly, sticking with the original name was a rather stupid move on their part. But it's one of those things, hindsight is 20/20, as they say.

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