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NY Comic Con Lost Planet 3 Gameplay

By RubyStreams12-10-2012

Coming in hot from New York Comic Con is some brand new gameplay footage of Lost Planet 3, the third instalment in Capcom's snowy alien bug shooter.

The footage shows some off a mission in the single player campaign. We are treated to some story details, 'struggle mode' - QTE of sorts, a boss battle with a new type of Akrid, and some giant mech action. Oh and a lot of shooting!

So, sit back, take a break from browsing Pixel Judge and enjoy 10 minutes of snowy shooty goodness - then get back to browsing Pixel Judge!


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I'm getting more and more interested in this. Graphics look great. I'm so glad they've done away with the "collect the energy to no die". It almost made the how game be a time based affair.