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Nvidia Requirements for Ghosts Unofficial

By Mokman10-10-2013

There was a recent stir regarding the release of the minimum requirements for Call of Duty: Ghosts, leading hundreds to wail at the fact that their rigs would to be upgraded. Unfortunately, it has come to light that these requirements were not in fact official, and that the real requirements will be incoming soon, as announced by Activision Support on Twitter. Still, this was a most strange sequence of events, hinting at some miscommunication somewhere down the line. What do you think?

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Posts: 341

99% of the Titles out there recommend a HDD space 25-50% more than the game actually requires, why? Uncompressing etc.

Posts: 1317

Let me just quote myself:

"Wait wait wait wait. 50GB HD space? 64-bit OS? I'm sorry, but the footage I've seen does not warrant that."

Knew it had to be BS. It's Call of Duty. But then again, maybe that's their goal? "It looks like crap, now it runs like crap too"?

Posts: 3290

Is anyone really surprised?