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NVidia releases GTX660 and GTX650

By NAG3LT13-09-2012

At last, there is a Kepler based GPU with £179/$229 price for mid-range cards – GTX660 (non-Ti). It’s a good successor to NVidia last generation 560 and 560Ti cards, offering good performance at 1920x1080 with 4xAA, however its lower memory bandwidth make it insufficient for higher resolution gaming with high graphics quality. GTX 660 supports up to 4 displays at same time with 2 dual-link DVI ports, HDMI 1.4 and a DisplayPort 1.2.

Another new NVidia card is much cheaper (£89/$109) GTX650, which is in a direct competition with AMD Radeon HD 7750. Reference models of GTX650 only have 3 ports (no DisplayPort), but custom models may have 4th port as well, thus also allowing the simultaneous output to 4 screens.

Will you be getting one or are you sorted with a bigger and more powerful variants?


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Posts: 240

Yeah, I'm also looking to update come Christmas (presuming I have a new job) but, given all the great cards Nvidia have been releasing, I'm kind of undecided. :3

Posts: 1548

I'd like to get it for Physx :P

Posts: 241

I have a 560ti and will be looking to upgrade, but not just yet. Would probably go for a 660ti or a 670 if I did.

Posts: 237

Depending on my budget, one of those will end up in my future rig. Nothing more fancy.