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Nvidia Releases GTX Titan Black with Full GK110

By NAG3LT19-02-2014

A year ago Nvidia released GeForce GTX Titan at $1000 price points with full FP64 performance and 6 GB VRAM. As AMD did not have any comparable chip back then, it was somewhat easy for green team to ask such a price for gaming cards. However, FP64 performance and large memory had also made it a poor man's CUDA compute card, which only lacked some drivers and error correction features compared to more expensive Quadro and Tesla cards. It still remained a most powerful gaming card before AMD has released R9 290X and Nvidia responded with full GK110 in GTX 780 Ti. As Nvidia didn't adjust Titan's price, it remained as mostly compute card.

Now, Nvidia has released a slightly improved version of Titan – GeForce GTX Titan Black at the same $1000 price. It uses the same full GK110 chip as GTX 780 Ti, but at 5% higher clocks and unlocked FP64 performance. It also uses 7 GHz GDDR5 VRAM, allowing it to achieve 17% more memory bandwidth. It also has 6 GB VRAM and so far it seems that Nvidia plans to use that as another differentiation feature to separate Titan Black from GTX 780 Ti. It is a bit unfortunate for those gamers who want to run extra high resolution setups and need more than 3 GB VRAM. Overall, compared to the original Titan, Black should provide around 20% more theoretical performance.


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How about TiTitan? :P

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@Toast, Titan Ti would sound weird

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@Toast - wouldn't be the first time.

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They're going by colour names now?