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Nvidia Releases GTX 780 – a smaller Titan

By NAG3LT25-05-2013

Nvidia's GTX Titan is the monster of single GPU cards at the moment. With a massive GK110 chip inside 6GB VRAM , it delivers 50% more performance than GTX 680 as well as being the only GeForce card with full FP64 compute capabilities, but all that comes at a $1000 pricetag. Manufacturing such large chips is problematic, so a smaller version of Titan with some cores disabled was expected. GTX 780 is that smaller version of Titan with 15% less cores and 3GB VRAM retailing for $650. The release of GTX 780 is strongly reminiscent of the GTX 580 – minimal official information before the release day, but full availability right after the announcement.

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Visually, reference GTX 780 strongly resembles GTX Titan and GTX 690 – metal case with a blower fan and a glowing GeForce logo. The same design also means same good thermal control and low levels of noise, but TDP stays the same at 250W. The performance/price is quite good compared to Titan, delivering 90% of its performance at 65% the price. However, the compute capability on GTX 780 is limited, unlike Titan. When compared to GTX 680 and HD 7970 GHz, however it doesn't look so appealing, but the lack of direct competition in performance allows Nvidia to set the price of GTX 780 as they wish. There will be other cards in the GTX 700 series, but there is no reliable information about their performance or price at the moment.

In addition to GTX 780's release, GeForce Experience has finally left Beta stage at version 1.5. Currently its only functions are auto-update for Nvidia Drivers and automated game settings selection. However, it was announced that it will receive some new features in the summer, when Nvidia Shield launches. Both those features will utilise the hardware h.264 encoder in Kepler GPUs. One of them will be streaming PC games to Nvidia Shield for remote play at home. Another – ShadowPlay will be an alternative way to record videos of your games on PC with minimal performance impact and smaller HDD requirements. There will be an option to keep ShadowPlay running in a constant recording mode and save the last 20 minutes of gameplay to HDD on the press of a button, similar to the sharing functionality touted in the PS4 . Precise performance impact and the quality aren't known yet, but for maximum quality FRAPS with a separate HDD will remain the best choices.


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Posts: 3290

I don't even care how powerful it is. Just look at it!

It looks like Robocop's...special talent

Posts: 44

I suddenly feel profoundly inadequate. *Gazes forlornly at his twin 9800GTXs, and sighs.*

Posts: 351

I have 2 670s right now, so I may wait for the next series of cards. If I can resist buying 2 of these. I am crazy.....

Posts: 3290

That...much as I loves me some Radeon, that is a DAMN sexy card