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Nvidia Refreshes Mobile GeForce Lineup

By NAG3LT03-04-2013

Laptop manufacturers love releasing new models every year. To attract customers they often want to put something "better" inside with a higher model number as an attraction. Sometimes those updates correspond to the roll out of the new architecture, but half of the time we see rebrands – old cards with new names.

The release of GeForce 700M series is the case of some rebrands and some updates to 600M line. Currently Nvidia has only announced the lower range parts in 700M line – from 710M to 750M, older 680M and 680MX will remain their top laptop GPUs for the moment. 710M and 720M still remain on die-shrunk Fermi architecture, while all other 700M GPUs are Kepler-based. Nvidia promises additional performance increases due to the improved GPU Boost 2.0, compared to the previous GPUs. Several laptops with these cards are expected to debut in next few weeks, but the main availability may start in summer, after Intel's Haswell CPU series release.


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