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Nvidia GameWorks Support Incoming for Titanfall and Warface

By NAG3LT24-03-2014

Nvidia's doom

Nvidia's GameWorks are a collection of graphical effects and simulation tools for games, like the well-known PhysX. So far, only COD: Ghosts and Batman: AO have been including Nvidia's technologies under the new branding. Very soon, Titanfall and Warface will be updated with some new features.

Additional graphical updates for Titanfall will be minor. GeForce users will be able to use TXAA anti-aliasing instead of MSAA. There will also be an option to enable HBAO+ to get better lighting quality. In addition, Respawn Entertainment is working on including 4K resolution and SLI support into the game.

Crytek's Warface (www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/warface-nvidia-gameworks) will receive PhysX and VisualFX features. One of the PhysX features mentioned in the announcement generates debris from weapon impacts, which will interact with other objects and remain on the field without disappearing too fast. The VisualFX will handle a physically correct smoke, dust and other fluids. They will physically react to other objects and have turbulence.


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