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NVidia’s Kepler Mobile for Tablets

By NAG3LT17-04-2013

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, most technology companies want a slice of that market. NVidia is no exception, and they are pushing their Tegra SoC (System on Chip) series in the mobile space. Tablets and NVidia SHIELD using the latest Tegra 4 are not even available for purchase yet, but NVidia has already demonstrated its successor.

During the press conference last week, company has demonstrated Kepler Mobile, which brings latest DX11 level graphical features to the most portable devices. VentureBeat have managed to film a part of the demo showcasing Battlefield 3 running on it. This is interesting as currently all Tegras are using ARM CPUs, while PC version of BF3 is made only for Windows and x86 CPUs. As NVidia has no x86 license, this may either be just a GPU demo that won't represent any future tablet, or we may expect dedicated graphics cards from NVidia for tablets. NVidia's roadmap shows next Tegra in 2014, so we have to wait to see how thing turn out.

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