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NVidia’s Gaming Cloud

By NAG3LT09-01-2013

Last May, NVidia has announced their plans to make an improved cloud gaming system, named GeForce GRID. During their conference at CES2013 they've showed us some more details for the system. A single GRID server contains 12 GeForce GPUs with additional H.264 encoding hardware for fast encoding to reduce latency. Company claims that each server can output up to 24 HD game streams at the same time. The server rack containing 20 GRID servers (240 GPUs) was showcased, with slides promising 200TFLOPs of performance, equivalent to ~700 Xbox 360.

On the client side of this cloud gaming, Xbox 360 and Android clients were shown. It's was also advertised as alternative source of streamed games for NVidia's Project SHIELD which was announced at the same conference. Frozenbyte's Trine running in Cloud was shown with seamless transition between different clients. First partners for GRID were named – Agawi, Cloudunion, Cyber Cloud, G-cluster, Playcast, and Ubitus.

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