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Nvidia’s 660Ti with Borders

By Leigh Cobb17-08-2012

Nvidia has finally released a more modestly priced card into their 600-series line up, the 660Ti. Presumably taking over from the 560Ti, a brilliant little card, it has big boots to fill.

Luckily, early reviews are positive. As always there are a lot of different manufacturers to choose from whose performance will slightly vary but Nvidia has struck a deal with Gearbox. If you get the 660Ti you will get a steam code for Borderlands 2. And if you already own an Nvidia card already and aren’t looking for an upgrade you will be pleased too. Borderlands 2 have PhysX support that looks really impressive.

If you're rocking some old hardware in your PC, then the 600-series is looking like a good upgrade route right now. Then again, AMD have some tempting alternatives. Go read some reviews to check performance comparisons.

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Posts: 37

Borderlands 2 looks really good! Haven't seen much gameplay of it actually.

Posts: 223

This card may actually be my upgrade choice!!

Posts: 1548

This gen Nvidia gathered their shit together and made a really great product. I couldn't be more happier with my 670!

Posts: 67

The Nvidia GTX 660 ti trumps AMD's line up. It's way more powerful than the AMD HD 7870 and reaches the performance of the 7950 while being cheaper. AMD is now forced to drop their prices.