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Now YOU Can be a Watch Dog

By Bobfish27-05-2013

Ubisoft are currently running a competition, via Facebook, to allow one of you people to be a citizen of their near future Chicago. One of those digital nobodies minding their own business in the world of Watch Dogs. A nobody in game maybe, but in the real world, that's certainly not something to scoff at. The closing date is June 7th.

"ENTER TO WIN A CHANCE TO GET YOUR PROFILE IN THE GAME. Create your profile and receive a customized Facebook profile photo with a chance to be included in Watch_Dogs events, messaging or even featured in the game. There are more than 2.8 million citizens of Chicago all logged, tracked and monitored by the city's Central Operating System. By registering your identity within the ctOS your data will be connected to the most powerful network in the country. Create your profile, agree to these terms to receive access to the system's services and communications in a safe and protected environment."

And that's it. Make a Uplay account, if you don't have one already, wait for the game to be released, find yourself in game and spam YouTube with videos of all the shenanigans you'll get up to. You can stalk yourself, take yourself hostage, steal your own money, the possibilities are endless. Expect a slew of YouTube videos from the winner...or am I the only one who wants to do that?

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If Ubi deliver even half of what they're claiming this game will do, maybe not. It's supposed to be largely procedurally generated. Maybe stalking, harassing and fucking with an NPCs life could push them to suicide.

Would be a neat, if morbid, feature if you can, that's for sure

Posts: 1317

Well it's an NPC, isn't it? Would be kinda hard to make an NPC commit suicide.

Posts: 596

This is a neat content, Watch Dogs intrigues me more and more :D

Posts: 3290

When I win I'll find out for you

Posts: 44

Can you commit suicide in an unnecessarily grotesque fashion? In front of small children and their appalled parents? Just wondering.