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Not (Titan)Falling for it Yet

By breadbitten02-10-2013

Titanfall is an intriguing anomaly, a new multiplayer first person shooter developed by a handful of the core people behind that most terrestrial of all multiplayer first person shooters. But features things like jetpacks, pilotable mechs and most important of all VERTICALITY—which I guess the very mention of the word "jetpacks" already implies, but whatever, f*** words.

Apparently a lot of the folks helping test the game are having a bit of trouble trying to get rid of bad habits formed over the years from playing it safe and grounded, keeping them from exploring Titanfall's emphasis on mobility and verticality. Talking to OXM, Community Manager Abbie Heppe had this to say:

"I still watch everybody come in and play it like they're playing a less vertical shooter. You have to break people in a bit [before they understand].We do tests with random players internally too, so you get that sort of usability feedback [...] I still watch everybody come in and play it like they're playing a less vertical shooter. They come in, they hide behind cover, they pop out and shoot a dude, they run for the next cover. When we play we're immediately on the walls and roofs, running around like crazy.

"You have to break people in a bit. And then I see them jump into a wall and they're like 'oh, I just ran along it' - and by the end of the match they're going crazy and playing more like how I would play. Even if you tell them, 'No no no, you should do this', it takes them doing it themselves to realise that - 'oh, you really can! Even after seeing the trailers and the gameplay videos we've released, you'd think [people would know], but it's about breaking people out of how they've always been playing."

"Stifling creativity" is what we would've called this back in my day, and who's to blame for such creativity-stifling on a culture wide scale?

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Tried TitanFall at Eurogamer Expo. All I can say is - I LOVED IT!!!!!

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For now and again read 'always'

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It is hard to break the mould of gameplay sometimes, I guess that's partially the reason for Call of Duty clones and other simplistic shooters that you see now and again.