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Not so Quiet on the Homeward Front

By Bobfish19-08-2013

Well now, this was rather unexpected. What we have here, folks, appears to be very early (ie pre-Alpha) footage of the yet to be officially announced Homefront 2. Initially doomed with the death of THQ, then picked up by Crytek during the messy auction/break-up. Now, a large part of me is extremely skeptical about the veracity of this. It feels, I'm not sure, but it just feels wrong somehow. Perhaps it's the evident television this was recorded from (via camera) perhaps it's the too obviously iffy quality of the camerawork. I'm not sure, it just feels off.

On the other hand, the amount of content shown is a lot more than most people would be willing to go to for a hoax. Especially about a game that was so poorly received both critically and financially. I will admit to no small amount of bias on this matter, as I was extremely impressed with the first game. Perhaps this is nothing more than me covering myself from potential disappointment when it turns out to be false. Of should I say 'if'? A Freudian slip there if ever I did see one.

Well, whatever becomes of this, check out the video for yourself and leave your thoughts below.

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