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Not Returning to Ravenholm

By Toast04-06-2013

Some of you may have heard about the long cancelled Half-Life: Episode 4 or Return to Ravenholm, which was in development, previously images and animations were leaked to the long dormant project which is assumed to be permanently dead at this point. But now there have been more leaks, surprisingly and to the courtesy of ValveTime.net that have done some video analysis of the assets and images leaked, they do uncover some rather interesting stuff that directly points at what the story was to be about and confirming the setting as being eastern Europe just like Half-Life 2.

Arkane Studios were apparently working on the secret project, but when the project was in its early stages, it was scrapped at one point for an unknown reason, likely to the delay of Half Life: Episode 3 which is now rumoured to be a new Half-Life, assumed to be named Half-Life 3. Do you think Valve was displeased and decided to work on it instead or combine it into one project with the 3rd episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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Posts: 1548

I kind of hate these news. Too much teasing for me :(

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Well duh.

We don't go to Ravenholme