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Not out of the Zone Yet — Areal Suspended

By zethalee25-07-2014

West Games have not had the best time trying to get their spiritual successor to STALKER off the ground: they've had calls into their legitimacy previously, and $50,000 seems like an awfully low amount for a game the scope of the original series, and even though an interview with Eurogamer attempted to clear up some misconceptions, no one could blame you if you were a bit hesitant to give them your money.

Now, it seems as though Kickstarter has taken the matter into their own hands: the project's status is now listed as "suspended," three days from the end of the drive. Over on their Facebook page, West Games have spun up the PR machine once more, claiming that, strangely, "Kickstarter are afraid of us," among other things. West Games will not be getting any money from their campaign for the time being, so if it is true that the campaign is indeed fraudulent, backers will be able to rest easy, knowing that their money is safe, for the time being. As time progresses, we may well see an official statement from Kickstarter on the reason for suspension, but for now, it appears as though the project, and West Games' reputation lie in limbo.

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