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Not on Steam Sale is Exactly What it Sounds

By JcDent04-10-2013

Steam Sales are known demolishers of valets everywhere – especially so in summer and winter! But what about games that never ever got on Steam?

Well, now, for the first time, we have the Not On Steam Sale.

It's hosted by Aaron San Filippo, the dev of Race The Sun who recently drew attention for arguing that it's really hard for an indie game to sell if it's not on Steam. Of course now Race The Sun is on Greenlight, but the point remains - some games aren't on Steam and they still warrant attention.

Much like Greenlight games, some of these look bizzare in the "people are going to pay money for THAT?" way, but that's how indie gaming rolls. Have a look around and tell us if you like anything!

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They should do a bundle.