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Not a Game We Deserve But a Game We Need

By Kelevandos09-04-2013

Hot news for all the superhero fans out there! Following the previous announcement, Batman: Arkham Origins, the next installment in a surprisingly successful and highly acclaimed series of games about the Gotham's masked vigilante, has been revealed by GameInformer. Aiming to upkeep the great reputation of the franchise, the game will feature several new elements.

For the first time in the series' history, we will be allowed to travel through the streets of a living Gotham City itself! Realizing that they are "standing on the shoulders of giants", the guys at Warner Bros Montreal want to make the metropolis as real as possible, despite the quite specific setting – the Christmas Eve.

In terms of story, the game is going to reveal the circumstances in which Batman met some of the important characters of the series, rather than depict the origins of the Bat himself. As for now, we know about Deathstroke's appearance, as one of the "eight of the best assassins in the world", supposed to kill the protagonist.

Also, the creative director of the series has changed, most probably for the better, as Eric Holmes, who has taken the seat, is a known comic fan and creator. This gets up hopes for a truly unique game experience, both in terms of gameplay and the plot! Well, seeing how the development team is aware of the burden they took up, Batman: Arkham Origins sure is a game I will be waiting for!


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Posts: 596

This is a definite pre-order for me, also lol at the news post title :P So hilarious :D I also hope it has co-op but I will pre-order regardless :P

Posts: 1548

Oh yeah, Co-op would be fun!

Posts: 21

better have dynamic duo co op

Posts: 3

It will be tough to beat AC in term of entertaining and development mastery, but if it is at least as good (and long), that should do it.

Posts: 1548

They have really big shoes to fill...