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By Bobfish25-09-2013

Ladies and gentlemen. Kain is back in the building.

You thought the battle for Nosgoth was over. You were wrong. It has only just begun. Rising from the ashes of defeat, the brink of total dissolution, The Legacy of Kain returns. Nosgoth is an upcoming free to play pitched battle between the humans and vampires. Covering the period between the revelation of Raziel's wings and his return in the opening scenes of Soulreaver. The rumours of this all being dead and buried are grossly exaggerated. And I have only one thing to say...

You sneaky buggers! You hid that one well!

Check out the glorious trailer above, loosely showcasing the ranged weapons the Humans fervently hope will give them enough advantage to survive, and the incredibly powers the vampire clans have developed. And yes, you can even fucking fly! The Razielim are fully playable, with undamged wings. Closed beta is due to begin soon, though no exact date is available at time of writing. Though I refuse to accept it is mere coincidence that Blood Omen 2 was also released, sans fanfare, on Steam yesterday.

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@Rizzi: I dunno', Squeenix are improving, slightly, slowly, a drip at a time, but they are improving at the moment

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Well it is Squeenix after all. Can't expect to be amazed by them anymore unless we're talking about Final Fantasy's particle effects.

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Like Kenshiro said... this is one of the worst ways to treat LoK license. They take a series that new gamers have probably never even heard of, transform into a very limited (8 vs. 8?) multiplayer game that runs on the Unreal Engine 3 that's living it's last days. It's not even Syndicate where they would have a name that would indicate a franchise!

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Already registered.

Come at me bro!

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So they took a series with one of the BEST written narratives ever... one that fans have been desperate for a new installment of, & turned it into a shitty Online Multiplayer PVP game. *hurk* I Please Excuse me... think I'm gonna be sick.

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The franchise isn't dead!

THAT is what matters :D

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It doesnt feel to LoK~ish... but whatever. I may try it.