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Nordic Opens Up On Its THQ Acquisitions

By Fr33Lanc3r.00724-04-2013

Lars Wingefors, CEO of Nordic Games Publishing, has opened up to Gameinformer about Nordic’s recent aquisitions from the THQ auctions. Saying that they’ve been in conversation with THQ since the bankruptcy was declared in 2012, and talks began in earnest in January, Wingefors and co were part of the first auction, but ‘decided not to take part because it was too much cash’, and because they were more interested in suitable IPs that they could license to other developers, rather than in development studios.

Wingefors went on to say ‘I'm impressed with the love and interest that those IPs, especially Darksiders, are bringing it. You can see Nordic Game as a middleman in order to create great new sequels. If we can find the right team with the right terms, I'm sure we can find the right financial solution to make it happen.’ He also isn’t interested in bringing out shitty sequels, preferring to give any developers they end up asking to make games and decent amount of time to work at their craft.

Whatever happens, Wingefors is hoping that there’ll be more to talk about throughout the year, saying ‘I'm sure we can find a solution for at least one of the IPs, or a few of the IPs, this year. Potentially this summer. There will be a lot of discussions at E3, but it's hard to say. I'm very open minded and flexible. I trust a handshake. I just need to find the right people.’ I know a lot of my fellow Judges are hoping for good outcomes for the 50+ IPs Nordic picked up, so I’m opening up the comments to predictions, thoughts and hopes - go nuts guys!


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This gives me a great deal of hope.

More Red Faction? Hell yes!

*Totallynotobsessed face*