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Nordic Games Talks About THQ Acquisitions

By Mokman05-09-2013

Nordic Games (which I still can't stop visualizing as an office full of ancient and powerful Norse Gods) has recently granted Gameinformer an interview stating its various plans for the intellectual property that it tore off THQ's corpse last year, leaving them nearly 5 million dollars poorer, but with a whole bunch of awesome IPs in their hands. These included Darksiders, Titan Quest and other big-named titles.

For one, they have decided that no matter what, Vigil Games "must be involved" in the creation of the next Darksiders game, stating that their experience and their passion would be invaluable. On the other hand, they mention that they are still looking for a team that "really wants" Red Faction, and other difficulties facing console distribution of IPs such as Stacking from Double Fine.

Business and Product Development Director Reinhart Pollice stated while at Gamescom their intentions regarding these properties, covering topics such as a new Darksiders game and the possibility of them selling off some of the IPs. Go on over and check it out, it is a most interesting, and perhaps hopeful, read.


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Red Faction?

'Nuff said

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Sounds good to me. I would be happy with a new Darksiders that uses Darksiders 2 engine too... without any upgrades.