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Noir Zombies and Cybercores - New Call Of Duty Videos

By WskOsc14-10-2015

The above video shows off the martial cybercore. As the name suggests, it's about punching things; punching them hard, invisible punches, area of effect punches and slow-mo punches. Oh, and there's something about using your guns while in slow-mo or invisible too but no one buys Call Of Duty to shoot things, do they?

The below video is all about the characters in the new zombies mode, a bunch of corrupt, murderous assholes. One of them does have an incredible moustache though. Basically, a crazy voiced Shadow Man drugs and kidnaps the lot of them, dumping them in the glowy-eyed zombie apocalypse we've all come to expect from Treyarch. Knowing the characters are a bunch of evil gits should make the inevitable brain munching all the more fun. Lovely.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 is set for release on November 7 and costs £39.99 on Steam.

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