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No Wasting in Wasteland 2

By Bis18marck7006-12-2012

Wasteland 2, the crowd-funded RPG is asking the help of talented individuals that roam our PC gaming community. Hoping to fill their gaps in the art design, inXile Entertainment hope that some of the future Polygon-Picasso’s lend them a hand. Also, payment.

InXile will post concept art in their early stages on their site every week. ‘All’ that is required of you would be to piece together a 3D version taking into consideration the Wasteland 2 style and context. Should your model be chosen to end up in the full game, the coins will come crashing down upon you. So, if you consider yourself adept at creating some assets that could be used by the game or simply want to give it a shot, check out the full guidelines here.


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