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No Wasteland Gender Equality And a Standalone Original

By NAG3LT09-08-2013

Post-apocalyptic wastelands are unlikely to be nice or to feature unified values. Wasteland 2 aims to have a world inhabited by a diverse set of characters with their own views and reactions to different actions. In a recent interview with RPS, inXile president Matt Findley commented on the effect of player characters' gender and their party on the gameplay.

In Wasteland 2 NPCs' reactions and dialogue will be influenced by the PC's gender. Some characters may behave in a nicer way to women, while others will only consider men as worthy conversation partners. The party will matter as well – you may get different responses from the same NPC, depending on who you are travelling with. There will not be a global morality in the game, with everybody in the world agreeing on what to consider good or evil. It will be interesting to see how well that is implemented in the final version.

However, when it comes to the world, there is some continuity from the original 1988 Wasteland. Its age means that running an original copy requires some additional technical steps (DOSBox) from fans interested in the whole story. inXile has also promised to include the original game inside the sequel last year, as it was a feature requested by many fans. Things are even better now, as inXile has managed to get an agreement with EA, allowing them to release the first Wasteland again as a separate game. They will make a version compatible with modern operating systems and release it on GOG.com, as well as give it for free to those who pre-ordered Wasteland 2. The updated version of the original game should be available before the release of W2, so you can get into the world sooner.

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They'll probably give you a link to redeem the version of your choice or something

Posts: 267

They did not mention how exactly free versions will be distributed. Steam and GOG seeem likely.

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I backed the game. Will I get the Steam version of W1 as well?