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No Vampires, only... Manpires? Magica 2 Release Date Announced

By ElderCub05-03-2015

Are you ready to delve back into a world of quirky wizardry? Paradox is, and they're ready to bring a whole new level of crazy with them, Spells and Wizardry a plenty. Magica 2 includes a variety of new features like co-operative spell casting and challenge modes and will come to you at $14.99 on May 26th for PC and PS4. Want it earlier then that? They're also offering a sneak peak at the game for yourself and three of your friends on May 5th if you preorder their Digital Deluxe Edition. Grab you robes, grab your magical devices, and get ready for Magica 2.

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Borderlands has humour?

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That is some clever stuff. Gearbox/2K need to take note from these guys, because Borderlands' humor sucks ass.