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No SP DLC for Tomb Raider

By Leigh Cobb20-03-2013

In news which will no doubt disappoint some players of the new Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics have ruled out any future single player based DLC, instead opting to provide multiplayer content.

This news comes from Global Brand Director Karl Stewart, who answered an 'Ask Me Anything' over on Reddit. In which he says, "There are currently no plans in place for any Single Player expansions [...]All of our DLC is based around the Multiplayer experience for now."

This is a bit disheartening to those who were hoping for some Lara based story content and single player gameplay. In another sense, I suppose the story wraps her journey up nicely, so any DLC going back would feel out of place. The first DLC expansion, 'Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack' is currently on sale on Xbox Live, and is coming to PC at a later date, with a trailer out as well. But the maps in this MP DLC look like just reworked SP areas.

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Posts: 596

Considering the MP is mediocre at best, why they just add MP DLC is illogical. Considering the SP has so much room for improvement and expansion.

Posts: 12

I don't buy DLC so I can't say this grinds my gears all that much. I will say that I wish single player gamers got more respect these days then we do.

Posts: 1317

So basically, instead of expanding the amazing world that is the singleplayer campaign, they wish to add more mediocricity to the mediocre multiplayer. Good job, guys. You clearly know what's good about your game and what isn't...