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No QTE or DRM in WTCHR 3

By Leigh Cobb26-04-2013

In an effort to raise some good publicity, CD Projekt RED Project Lead, Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, has commented on two things gamers hate: Quick Time Event and DRM. He says that neither will feature in his studios upcoming fantasy epic - The Witcher 3.

It was during an interview with Forbes that Konrad confirmed people’s views, that the Witcher 3 will not have any form of DRM, or QTE's. On the latter, Konrad said that they:

"didn’t fit this type of gaming experience and usually frustrated players. There is a small number of games where it is fun, like, for example, in the Uncharted series, where you don’t even realize that you’ve just finished a QTE sequence. And I think that only this way of using QTE has any kind of future in games."

And as for the former, DRM, Konrad has stated that:

"DRM is the worst thing in the gaming industry. It’s limiting our rights to play games owned by us. Let’s imagine that you have a game that requires internet connection to prove that you actually bought it. What if you lose your connection because of your internet provider? You can’t play anymore."

We kind of knew this already, since the Witcher 2 had no DRM (at least until it was patched out of retail copies) and quick time events in the Witcher 2 were minimal at best, in fact, I can't even remember any. I guess the news here is that CD Projekt are being good developers again, so no news at all.

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Posts: 3290

Y'know, actually kinda' like QTE's. Though only when they're used to enhance the experience, not thrown in just for the sake of it. Also, when they're designed as part of the experience. Shenmue anyone?

Posts: 241

No, they don't. But it's all good PR for them and a nice little interview for Forbes.

Posts: 1548

Does CD Projekt RED really even needs to do that - prove that they are good?