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No More Room in Hell? Come to Steam!

By breadbitten21-10-2013

You know what? I'm starting to wonder if Valve actually tailored the Source Engine to be partial in accommodating games about zombies. Think about it, Half-Life 2 had Ravenholm, Counter-Strike: Source has special servers about fending off zombies, obviously there's Valve's own Left 4 Dead and now we have a new, standalone, mod in the form of No More Room in Hell.

The trailer makes it look rather clichéd and mechanically uninspired, but then again how's that any different from the current AAA and indie landscape? The modders appear to have put quite some effort into it and modders in general have been making some great headway into turning out to be fine game developers in their own rights.

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Posts: 1548

Did I just see kid zombies? Brave.

Posts: 297

No more room in hell? How in the hell will I get toasted now?

Posts: 124

It's free, no reason not to try it.

Posts: 1317

Tried it long ago, it was quite fun. Weapons are more loud and beefy than in L4D, it feels more "realistic" overall.