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No Gold Required For Project Spark

By acharris7717-10-2013

Microsoft's upcoming game-creation app, Project Spark, will not require an Xbox Live Gold level account in order to play. Mike Lescault, community manager, said in a Reddit post, "players would not need gold subscription to play Project Spark on any platform." The PC Beta program is expected to start this month.

Project spark, will let players use the Kinect as a motion capture device, which later on could enable gameplay via the camera as well. This will be good if this is implemented on the PC, as Microsoft have said they want to bring Kinect to the PC, which could add an extra dimension to the game. I signed up for the beta, so if I am successful then I will be back with my thoughts, but for now let us know yours below.

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Something about this just sounds...wrong.

Microsoft doing something decent?!?