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No DICE For the Mirror's Edge 2 As EA's Not To Blame

By acharris7727-08-2013

With many gamers awaiting the sequel to Dice's very inventive Mirror's Edge and then the rumours leaked about Mirror's Edge 2 everyone got excited by the prospect that the sequel will be out soon. Then we were given further hope by an accidental listing on Amazon it was a happy time for gamers.

But the sequel never came and EA got the blame as it looked like they didn't have enough faith in DICE to release it. But now DICE's Patrick Bach have came out and said that EA was not to blame for the holding back of Mirror's Edge 2. It was DICE themselves, as they were never happy enough with the game to pitch it to EA. So it looks like EA was not the bad guy in this case. I guess the question now is will we ever get to see Mirror's Edge 2 or are we going to be teased by trailers and hopes of a sequel which will never see the light of day. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think below.

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Posts: 3290

The plus side to all this is that it won't be made for a console with 256megs of RAM this time!

Posts: 1548

Better later than never. Also I am sure it will be good. The only thing that I am worried abut is EA's pricing policy.

Posts: 3290

I think they mean this is why we didn't have a confirmation until E3

Posts: 596

Seriously :(
Why the hell did they tease this then at E3... this sucks...