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No +16 Games on Windows 8 App Store

By NeonAnderson11-10-2012

Welcome to the 'grid'! Enjoy your stay :-)

Before getting into the actual news, for those who do not know, Windows 8 will feature an “app store” much like Google Chrome has in its browser. The Windows 8 app store will have a large variety of products in it, including PC video games that can be purchased through the store and downloaded directly to your Windows 8 PC.

The shocking thing here though, is that the Windows 8 App Store will not allow any products on it that are rated for over 16. This basically means that anything short of Hello Kitty: Island Adventure and the Sims will not be allowed for sale on the store. Games like Skyrim, Call of Duty, Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed and even Mass Effect will not be allowed on the Win 8 store! The games listed above are just a small taste of the many highly popular titles and franchises that are rated for over 16.

Now, whether or not this means developers will create special censored Windows 8 app store editions will have to remain to be seen. If you are curious though about the full list of requirements and strict guidelines for applications to be allowed on the Win 8 store, take a look here.

There is also still always a chance for these rules to be changed as it does state there:

“We review every app before we list it in the Store. If our certification requirements change, we’ll identify the updates to ease your consideration. If you have feedback on the policies, please let us know by commenting in our forum. We will consider every comment.”

Feel free to share your opinions on Windows 8 and its app store in the comment section below!


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Posts: 596

@extermination - Don't know yet to be honest, just because it's called an "app store" doesn't mean it wont be full software like you can get on Steam. E.g. a full proper game. Everyone is just using the word app store as consumers know it from android phones

Posts: 37

What a joke. Surely they will change their mind when nobody uses their damn store.

Posts: 22

It's just the app store, it can't harm anyone.

Posts: 240

Well, Windows 8 certainly is shaping up to be complete balls rather nicely, isn't it?

Posts: 237

As a sidenote, since the Orange Box is rated Z (thats their M rating), not even the Orange Box will be on it.

Posts: 237

Yes, because not selling M rated games is a sure way to make more money... i mean, M$ is all about gathering money with their greedy hands. I just dont understand...