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Nightmare Guilds

By Bobfish14-06-2013

The Old Republic Update 2.1 brought you gender and species realignment surgery. One would think that might be disturbing enough. But no, now we're seeing a real nightmare in the shape of Update 2.2, Terror from Beyond. Why they are calling it Nightmare mode...maybe because that dude has one of the dodgiest Saturday morning villain voices I've heard in twenty years?

The description on the YouTube page tells us that this is a heavily Guild focused update. Bringing with it crafting for level 55 Underworld gear, additional Guild and Reputation XP as well as bonuses to Guild membership and recruitment. All of which, I'm sure, is geared around the Terror from Beyond mission.

"Nightmare has struck the planet of Asation! Fight through several supercharged bosses in Operation: Terror From Beyond, now in Nightmare Mode. Those who take on this nightmarish challenge will earn a brand new set of elite Kell Dragon gear and an exclusive Helix Hyperpod vehicle."

But, seriously, that distorted evil overlord voice is...ridiculous. Kills a lot of the effect. The update itself looks like a nice batch of content, but I'm still baffled by the psychedelic, fluorescent Tronesque palette sections. Not sure what on Earth that's all about. Theorise away below my fellow Padawans.

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