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Night Falls With Free Insurgency DLC

By MrJenssen30-10-2014

Insurgency is a great little multiplayer shooter. To this day, I play it regularly. And with the seemingly never ending support given to the game by the devs, it's clear why the small but dedicated community has stuck with the game for all this time. Earlier this year, we got the "Molotov Spring" update which brought new maps, weapons, game modes and of course the titular Molotov cocktails. Now, the Nightfall DLC has just released out of beta testing, and is included in a free update to the game for anyone who owns it.

As you might be able to guess from watching the trailer embedded above, the new Nightfall content update centers around night warfare. All the currently existing maps have gotten dark and moody night-versions, along with the one new map the DLC brings with it. To combat the darkness of night, you of course still have your trusty flashlight attachments, but the new night vision goggles and flare pistols should help out more. Just like in real life, the NVGs are incredibly sensitive to light, so entering a fully lit room with the goggles activated, is not a bright idea. The flashlight, flashbang grenade, Molotov and flare pistol all function as both a source of light for those without NVGs, and a source of frustration for anyone who actually do wield them.

In addition, we've gotten two new weapons - the M4A1 and AK-74 which are both slightly modified versions of the already existing MK18 and AKM rifles - and a number of smaller tweaks, like more realistic flashlight and laser-sight placement on the various weapons.

A new cooperative game mode titled "Survive" also takes advantage of the night gimmick, where players are insurgents who must run around in the dark hunted by security forces, while looking for supply caches where they can resupply and get better gear. There's no win-condition for the mode, instead it's all about surviving for the longest, for achievements and bragging rights. As you capture supply caches and get more equipment, the opposition from the bots is ramped up gradually to make sure it never gets too easy. It's tense and brutally unforgiving, but also incredibly satisfying due to the large amount of close calls players encounter. Check out the video below for some gameplay from this mode. For the full scoop (it's quite a big one), head on over to the game's forums and read the changelog for yourself. And in case you haven't gotten around to playing Insurgency, you'll be happy to know that the game's half off on Steam right now. I'm not gonna tell you to go buy it, but... oh alright, just go buy it!

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