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Night Dive Looks to Gaming History, Their Future

By zethalee13-11-2015

Based out of Vancouver, Washington, Night Dive Studios has undertaken the monumentous task of bringing back classics from the dead, and placing their compatible results in our hands today. In an interview with Fast Company magazine, CEO Stephen Kick talks about growing the company from two to ten employees, and talking about the struggles of following a trail of insurance companies and former developers, just to find the right contact to talk to about acquiring a license. Not only that, but Night Dive doesn't even technically own the rights entirely, usually just for the rerelease.

But that's changing, too. Night Dive recently acquired the rights to a rerelease of the original System Shock, two years after releasing System Shock 2 put them on the map. They're going well and beyond just the rerelease, developing a total remake of the original game for some unspecified point in the future. System Shock 3 isn't out of the question either, but that might require more staff and developmental resources.

But were it not for Night Dive, we wouldn't be able to play rereleases of such classics as The 7th Guest, or I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, which came with a particularly illuminating experience for Kick. What does the future hold? For Night Dive, it seems time only holds retro games.

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