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Next Week, Play GATV and be a Cowboy in Saints Row 4

By JcDent14-09-2013

Saints Row 4! I didn't really like it. But, according to a PlayStation Blogcast report, next week is going to be good for its players, but maybe not so good for their wallets. First off, it's the GATV (see what they did there) DLC that comes with various Johnny Gat-ish accessories and a knife gun. At least it's not a gun blade!

And while it's not clear what's going into the Wild West pack, you can probably expect cowboy hats, quick shooters and Brokeback Mountain references. Stay tuned for more rumours and hearsay about various cosmetic pack for other games.

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But PC gamers are pirates

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I really wish GTA 5 was coming out on the PC