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Next Step Forward for Battlefield Franchise

By eremeticskeptic28-02-2014

Battlefield 4 is already proving to be an innovative instalment in the well-known franchise, and its newest feature, the platoons, is just one facet to the innovation that will surely prove to be a success. Relying on Battlefield's team-centric multiplayer gameplay, platoons allow players and their friends to organize, communicate, and improve their gameplay skills. Platoons can include up to 100 members, a private and a public feed, emblems for identification, and ranking stats to let your platoon compete among others.

You will be able to list a four character tag for your platoon, as well as a custom emblem. Stats run similarly to individual stats, but in order for stats to count towards your platoon, four members of your platoon must be playing in the same game. All in all, it seems to be a logical step forward for the franchise to include formal co-op gameplay, since informal cooperation was needed by players in multiplayer to effectively win matches. You can read more about the brand new platoons, which roll out today, on the Battlefield blogs.

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Not exactly innovative, this feature has existed in other titles for many years already. As always, EA is very slow to implement features they have copied from other companies...