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Next Car Game Sneaks Into Early Access

By MrJenssen23-12-2013

If you're a fan of arcady racing games, then you're likely well acquainted with the FlatOut series already. They're basically a series of games for the most crashoholic of gamers, and they do their job rather well. Since FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage, developer Bugbear Entertainment haven't been out in the daylight much as far as we PC gamers are concerned, but we've finally started seeing more of their next project: A pure loveletter to the fans of the old FlatOut games. Next Car Game. And it looks fantastic.

Though the game failed its Kickstarter campaign and hasn't gotten the amount of pre-orders the developers hoped for, they've been working hard making their dream game. You see, no one have told you this yet, but if you pre-order the game today, you will get instant access to not only the tech demo that's been out for a while, but to the fresh new pre-alpha version on Steam Early Access. That's right! But the game isn't available for purchase through Steam yet, so the game's site is the way to go for now.

In case you're wondering, this pre-alpha is fully playable, and relatively bug-free. It lets you race two different cars in a derby destruction stadium, a racetrack on tarmac and a racetrack on a dirt road. You can choose between racing with 11 AI opponents or 23.

I've tried it out myself, and all I can say is that this must be the most polished, entertaining and non-frustrating pre-alpha I've ever played. I even snapped some screenshots for you guys to gaze at, because it's Christmas damn it! So check out the screens below, buy the game and get playing with the pre-alpha right now!

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