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Next Car Game Shows Pre-Alpha Muscles

By MrJenssen18-11-2013

Bugbear Entertainment, the Finnish developers who brought us the excellent crash-mania known as FlatOut and its two sequels (not counting the abysmal FlatOut 3 developed by someone else) haven't been as successful in marketing their Next Car Game - for now that's the literal working title of the game - to a wider audience.

It started with the developer setting up a pre-order system on their site where fans could pledge a certain amount of money to get the game upon completion plus various rewards. It was promised that if the game got 10.000 pre-orders, a playable demo would be released shortly after. Sadly, they never reached close to that.

Two weeks ago, they launched a Kickstarter campaign which was arguably a poor decision, seeing as all the hardcore fans had already pledged upwards of hundreds of dollars to the site's pre-order program. So who did Bugbear exactly target when they launched the campaign asking for an additional $350.000? Hell if I know, but it doesn't seem to be working out very well. We're halfway to reaching the deadline, and less than 20% of the final goal has been funded so far.

It is in this context that Bugbear have resorted to pushing out some early pre-alpha gameplay footage to hopefully tickle the fancy of more gamers. You'll notice this is far from the final product, with the most noticeable thing being the hood of the player's car that's unaffected by colliding with other cars on the track. With that said, I don't think anyone can argue that the soft body physics already look astounding. Check the video out for yourself, it's embedded above.

At the risk of sounding "bought and paid" for, I really recommend supporting these guys. I'm not a big racing game fan myself - in fact there are only a handful I've ever enjoyed - but the first few FlatOut games are simply immense fun, particularly when played with a group of friends. You don't need to enjoy racing games to enjoy the FlatOut games, and looking at the footage we've received so far, I'm quite impressed with what I've seen. Pick up FlatOut Ultimate Carnage with some friends if you want a blast of a time, and do yourself and everyone else a favor by backing the Kickstarter campaign. Do it!

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