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New XCOM Game To Be Re-Revealed

By BloodyFanGirl25-04-2013

Last month we covered Fireaxis’ release of a teaser trailer for a new XCOM game. Last week the new project, currently being developed by 2K Marin, had its official site and trailer expunged from the internet. This now appears to be in preparation for an announcement next week, revealing the game.

Take Two (2K Games’ parent company) announced back in February during their financial call that the game was still in production (and the game has been in production since 2006). They also said that the game should be out before 31st March 2014.

Fireaxis’ XCOM game, Enemy Unknown, launched last year to high praise and commercial success. That game was, as you are probably already aware, a strategy game and this soon to be re-revealed XCOM project will be shooter. Here’s hoping this new vision of XCOM meets similar praise.

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