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New Way To Accompany Your Heroes

By Kelevandos02-05-2013

After some initial problems, Company of Heroes 2 seems to be gaining momentum, looking better with every passing day. Until now there were two modes revealed, namely the single player campaign and multiplayer. Now the third one joined, the Theatre of War. Being a mode set between the previous two, it will feature a series of missions, in which the player faces an advanced AI opponent who will be using advanced CoH strategies.

Each of the scenarios will be different, making new players learn various playstyles faster and readying them for multiplayer. Also, a high replay value is promised and I can see where this one comes from. If done right, it should provide a nice "tutorial" for mp noobies, while also providing a story driven experience for pros. Initially, the mode will include 9 missions for each of the sides of the conflict, for a total of 18, set around 1941. The three already-revealed maps are: Blitzkrieg, Indirect Fire and Cold Weather. More will be added later, featuring different stages of WWII.

I am curious about Theatre of War, for multiple reasons. The main of them is uncertainty whether the mode will be both single and multiplayer enough, rather than feature too few elements of both, making it uninteresting for both casual and pro players. But the below gameplay videos make me rather sure it will be the former. Which is great, as I have never been a fan of online RTSs. Who knows, maybe this mode will teach me how to like them?

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