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New Update Steaming - Day 2

Yesterday we reported that Steam Community is getting a major overhaul. Apparently this is a 4 day job so today’s updates are – Group Updates.

“Since The Community first launched, Steam gamers have created over 2.5 Million groups, bringing together their friends and other like-minded gamers to talk about their common interests. Whether these groups were associated with a particular game or were just made up of friends who wanted to play together, we’re making it even easier for those players to share and enjoy their gaming experiences.”

The groups will be upgraded so they can have greater customisation, users will see a layout overhaul, forum integrations and will be able to become associated with certain games.

Again read the original announcement here or go straight to the Community Update page.


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So that's what we forgot :D

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This would have been a good opportunity to let you know about our Pixel Judge Steam Group, http://steamcommunity.com/groups/OfficialPixelJudge